Our  Eat-In Restaurant!

The Green Tomato Cafe is inside Hippie Wayne's Green Tomato.  The Cafe serves from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Saturday.   The food is Gluten free and delicious. You can dine in or carry out.  Check out facebook for the specials each week or better yet, stop in and check it out for yourself. 

Our Fine Products

All of us who share the state approved kitchen at the  The Green Tomato Artisan Market and Kitchen are proud that we create one of a kind, handcrafted, artisan foods.  We insist on quality ingredients and we work hard to insure our foods are the best they can be.    Here is just a sampling of what we have to offer.

Hippie Wayne's has fresh pickled vegetables, salsas, jams, jellies, eggs and ketchups. Wayne can take any vegetable or fruit and make something memorable from it.  How about raspberry jalapeno jam, carrot cake jam, cranberry ketchup,  pickled carrots, asparagus or zucchini?  Or maybe some hot dill pickles, black bean and corn salsa or green tomato salsa?  He has created more than 50 varieties of jars to keep life from getting dull.  He also has a line of gluten free entress.  He does all the amazing cooking.  You just need to heat and eat. 

How about some Ann's Gluten Free Bakery right from the oven.  There are so many items to choose from it is hard to decide what to buy.  The choices change from day to day so why not come in and check out what Ann is baking for you today.  There might be scones, biscotti, cookies, bars, sweet breads, savory breads, hamburger buns, country white bread or maybe pies, quiches or cheesecake.  Something new all the time.


Tom and Sue from Irresistibly Healthy have 13 varieties of gourmet organic hummus to tempt you.  Everything from Spinach with Feta Cheese and Santa Fe Black Bean to Thai Cherry Almond, a sweet hummus.  They make the hummus from scratch each week.  They cook the beans, roast the garlic, squeeze the lemons and then create memorable flavor combinations.

Irresistibly Healthy also creates all natural and organic soups.  There are 20 or more delicious soups to choose from at any given time in our freezer.  You will find vegan choices like Black Bean Quinoa Chili, Curried Squash with Cashew Creme and Roasted Portabella Mushroom with White Beans.  Vegetarian and Meaty varieties range from Cheesy Broccoli to Rustic Onion or Minnesota Chicken with Wild Rice.  These meat soups are available only at The Green Tomato Store. 

There are individual cheesecakes from Cheesy Love and  Pumpkin Grandma's Cheesecake.  So many cheesecakes, so little time... Both companies cater weddings, parties and events.

Fresh frozen perch from Blue Iris Fish Farm in Black Creek are now featured at the store.  The fish are raised in as organic an environment as possible. 

Tino's Bakery creates flaky fruit filled Empanadas.  Great with coffee or tea.  Delicious.  

JSA Coffee roasts coffee to order and also have their fresh roasted coffees available in the Green Tomato store.  Mike and Nancy roast everything from Low Volume (decaf) to Espresso beans.  They also have a large selection of flavored coffees.  You can purchase the beans or have your coffee ground at the store.  

Clean Cream Iced Cream Hand crafted iced cream in small batches for best quality. Shawn is always coming up with new ways to enjoy her iced cream like peppermint iced cream in gluten free chocolate cookies.  Or how about a milkshake?

Little Foods Company is run by a pediatric nurse.  She makes creative organic babyfoods for that new addition to your family.  These are not just single food babyfoods, they are complete meals with combinations like sweet potato and kale and squash and quinoa. She sells at The Green Tomato and on line delivery.

Reinvent Ferment- Wonderful Sauerkraut fermented right here at The Green Tomato.  Coming very soon.

So, there's lots to choose from at Hippie Wayne's Green Tomato Artisan Market and Kitchen.   We plan to evolve with seasonal produce and more  starting in spring.  So what are you waiting for?